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Live workshops guided by Ocean Wise experts, focus on inquiry-based learning with an environmental and climate change focus. Not your average digital workshops, students will play mini-games, lead their own discussions, and enjoy some surprises along the way. Using scientific findings and data collected by Ocean Wise’s world-renowned research team, they will get an inside view of the latest climate and ocean science and come away feeling empowered to make positive change.

Ocean Wise’s virtual workshops are available on Zoom, Teams, Google Hangouts, or whichever video platform you prefer. Workshops range in topic and length and are tailored for elementary, secondary, or adult audiences.

Our students loved learning about sharks and human impact on sharks! The presenter, Andrew, was so knowledgeable and was able to steer the presentation based on student questions and interest. This was a great experience!

Kindergarten teacher, BC, Canada


students reached since 2020


of teachers surveyed found their Ocean Wise educator Above Average to Outstanding


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of youth participants reported increased awareness of climate change and ocean literacy after attending an Ocean Wise workshop

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Our AquaClasses

Family Programs

Senior Learning Programs

Help from Kelp. Grade 6-12

Introducing Jaws. Grade 4-8

Family Programs

Looking for something more personal than our public live-streamed learning events? During the extended break, we’ve opened up our Virtual AquaClass program – normally reserved for schools – for parents to book privately for their kids (or for multiple families, each from their own living room). Each 45-minute Virtual AquaClass session allows your kids to meet online with an Ocean Wise Educator and dive deeper into topics that interest them. All Ages Program - customized topics are available, prices may vary. Please enquire before booking.

Senior Learning Programs

Escape to sunny coral reefs, the depths of the deep ocean or underwater along British Columbia’s coast with our Ocean Wise Educator as your guide. Our seniors programs are adapted to the audience, for some fun and engagement. Invite us in as a guest speaker while staying physically distant. All Ages Program - customized topics are available, prices may vary. Please enquire before booking.

Help from Kelp

Is there more to kelp than meets the eye? This slimy species creates habitats for thousands of marine animals and is what makes up the enchanting underwater forests along the west coast. Through trivia and discussions, students will take a closer look at this green giant, how it can be used as a sustainable resource and how it might just be the next big climate change solution.

Introducing Jaws

One of the most successful and misunderstood fish in the sea, Sharks have survived for over 400 million years thanks to their incredible adaptations. They are found all over the world, and at every level of the food chain. Challenge misconceptions and discover with your students the wide diversity of sharks. Learn why they are important for the ocean, and how our choices affect the survival of sharks all around the world. Recommended for Grades 6-8.

Coral Reefs: Nature's Jungle Gym. Grade 5-12

Mystery of the Reef. Pre K - Grade 1

Deep Sea. Grade 4-11

Whales: Poop Drones and Hydrophones. Grade 6-12

Coral Reefs: Nature's Jungle Gym. Grade 5-12

The health of the ocean depends on its foundation, and coral reefs are the one of the most important, and most threatened, building blocks for the ocean. In this program, students will learn about the diversity of life found in tropical waters, and how it is all connected through the delicate balance of food webs and predator-prey relationships. Recommended for Grades 5-8.

Mystery of the Reef. Grade 1-2

Something isn’t quite right on the reef. Can your class earn clues through a choose your own adventure on the reef? Talk to local animals, complete mini activities, and use body movements to get closer to solving the mystery, all while learning how reducing plastic pollution and eating sustainable seafood can turn you into a
superhero too. Recommended for Pre-K to Grade 1.

Deep Sea

How deep is deep? Well the deepest place in the ocean we know of is about 11 km (36,200 ft) deep! How do animals survive in the dark and under high pressure? How do they hunt? What do they eat? Explore cool facts of the deep sea and learn about the adaptations of the sea creatures inside with an Ocean Wise Educator. Participants will discuss the importance of ocean exploration and ways for citizens to help uncover the ocean mysteries. Recommended for Grades 4-11.

Whales: Poop Drones and Hydrophones

Your class has been recruited by Ocean Wise researchers to investigate what’s happening to killer whale populations! Through virtual interactive data collection, consultation of indigenous knowledge, and data analysis – the Ocean Wise researchers in training will have the chance to create broad policy recommendations and explore individual actions that can help reduce the threats to southern resident killer whales! Recommended for Grades 6-12.

Babies! An Adventure Through Lifecycles. Grade 2-5

Inside Nature's Creatures. Grade 5-12

Babies! An Adventure Through Lifecycles

Aren’t babies just the cutest? But they don’t always look like their parents. In this live, interactive program you will choose a baby ocean animal and help transform it through its life cycle stages. Through matching activities, trivia questions, games, and overcoming ocean related threats you will finally reveal whose baby is whose. Recommended for Grades 2-5.

Inside Nature's Creatures

Students will be introduced to the phyla Cephalopoda and the key characteristics that make this group of squids, octopuses, and cuttlefish so spectacular by joining our expert educator for a live squid dissection.

Through an examination of the squid’s anatomy students will discuss how animal’s adaptations help them to survive in their environment. Recommended for Grades 5-12.

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