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Our Standard and Assessments

Ocean Wise Seafood Standard - Simple but rigorous

Our system is simple. Seafood options are Ocean Wise Recommended...or they aren't.

Ocean Wise Seafood uses a simple binary system to tell consumers and seafood partners whether or not an option meets our standard. There’s a lot more detail behind these assessments, but by looking for the Ocean Wise Seafood symbol you can easily tell what is a sustainable seafood choice.

A rigorous assessment based on the best science available

Ocean Wise uses sustainability assessments from several credible sources when developing our seafood ratings.

Each rating is informed by a large quantity of data that allows Ocean Wise to evaluate the impacts of a seafood’s production on aquatic organisms and ecosystems. This data feeds into our sustainability assessments, peer-reviewed publications that assess the environmental performance of a fishery or aquaculture operation against our Standard.

Our assessments consider four key criteria:

Ocean Wise Assessments

Our Scoring Methodology and Rating System is our guide for assessing a seafood option's ecological sustainability.


Ocean Wise's Rapid Assessment Standard (RAPSTA) is a unique assessment methodology that removes barriers to entry for many small and Indigenous fisheries.

Seafood Watch Assessments

Ocean Wise relies on Seafood Watch's rigorous Standard to assess fisheries and aquaculture programs.


Eco-certifications provide a third-party accredited assessment of a fishery against a given Standard. Ocean Wise recognizes several eco-certifications within our own standard

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